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Monday, June 27, 2016




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2014 Galaxy Lamborghini Aventador Roadster ⋆ BILLIONAIRES CLUB ⋆ LUXURY ⋆

2014 Galaxy Lamborghini Aventador Roadster ⋆ BILLIONAIRES CLUB ⋆ LUXURY

2014 Galaxy Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

The folks at Deluxe Supercar Club wrapped this 2-door drop-top in a head turning Galaxy print. Where some of us dream of ever owning a car like this others are bored by the standard look of them. This Canadian guy sure is part of the latest group of people and officially has the coolest Lambo on the planet!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Close In Memorial Estate $43,000,000 ⋆ BILLIONAIRES CLUB ⋆ LUXURY ⋆


Close-In Memorial Estate
Houston, Texas 77024 United States 
Secluded on approx. 2.5 wooded acres, this Neoclassical, close-in Memorial-area chateau is a masterpiece of luxury and refinement surrounded by private, park-like grounds. The 27,000-plus square-foot chateau is designed for elegant entertaining and the display of museum-quality art. Amenities include lavish gilt and delicately-wrought, hand-painted decoration; meticulously reproduced period molding; white marble tile and inlaid, hand-scraped hardwood floors; and antique boiserie, chandeliers, and marble fireplaces.
Expertly proportioned principal rooms include a gallery/reception hall, Versailles Room/salon, dining room, music room, east gallery hall, family room, sun room, and breakfast/informal dining room. The kitchen encompasses an elegant entertaining kitchen, catering kitchen, extensive butler’s pantry, and office. The setting and architecture evoke the grandeur of Versailles and the art-filled mansions of Paris’ 16th arrondissement.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Incredible, Tony Stark Inspired, Razor Residence Mansion Sells $34 Million ⋆ BILLIONAIRES CLUB ⋆ LUXURY ⋆


$34,000,000 Tony Stark Inspired, Razor Residence Mansion Sells

Price: $34,000,000

Incredible, Tony Stark Inspired, Razor Residence Mansion Sells $34 Million

Despite what the internet may tell you, the following house is not from Iron Man and is not the house of Tony Stark. However, with its crazy design and incredible mountain-side location, it would certainly appeal to a billionaire playboy like Stark if he of course existed.
Actually dubbed The Razor Residence, this truly incredible house is located in San Diego, California. The massive house is particularly eye-catching because it features 11,000 square feet of glass!
The house is located on a cut out of a mountain in the Californian Torrey Pines State Park above Black’s Beach. Despite looking like a house 50 years ahead of its time, it was actually commissioned and designed over 10 years ago by architect Wallace Cunningham. The original owner had an ‘unlimited budget’ to start with and it is believed that The Razor Residence cost more than $34 million to construct!
The house features four bedrooms and six bathrooms all of which feature stunning views of the incredible cliff side location. When it comes to the design of the house, well, it really speaks for itself. One of the most impressive features however is the incredible 60-foot infinity pool.
Despite costing over $34 million to build, it is understood that the four story house recently sold for just over $14 million. Talk about a bargain!


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