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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1954 Ferrari 375-Plus sells for $18.3 million at auction

A rare 1954 Ferrari 375-Plus has sold for an astounding $18.3 million at a Bonhams auction held at last month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The “Plus” in the Ferrari 375-Plus referred to the extra 400 cc over the standard 375 racer. That boosted the V-12 capacity to 4.9 liters. Only five Ferrari 375-Plus autos were built.

The 375-Plus had some famous drivers in its day, including Jose Froilan Gonzalez from Argentina and Umberto Maglioli, the great Italian long distance road racer.

The 375-Plus model was an outright winner at Le Mans and Silverstone, as well as in the five-day Carrera PanAmericana road race through Mexico, which Umberto Maglioli won at the average speed of 107mph. His Ferrari 375-Plus averaged more than 150mph for more than five hours during the final stages of the great road race.


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